March 05, 2009

Notes from the Interior Design Summit:
Using Technology to Save Time & Increase Profits

Here are some important tips from Will Franco's class, "How Designers Can Increase Profits & Save Time with Technology"

75% of interior designers do NOT have a website!  Yikes!   If nothing else, you must get a blog! No web presence = no business.

A website is a social validation tool. Add testimonials and before & after photos, and you will see results.

You need to connect and stay on top of prospects minds.  How can you do this? With an Ezine.

Designers should be on Twitter.

Video emails allow you to connect with your clients and prospects.  The more you can do to establish a relationship - allow your prospects to KNOW you, the more likely you will create a customer for life.

For more information about launching a profitable ezine campaign, visit:

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