January 24, 2008

Designers' Gratitude Experiment

Recently, I participated in an online gratitude experiment, and after 21 days of entering what I was grateful for, I noticed how much happier I was. Daily life seemed so much easier and more joyful. Would you like to do a little experiment with me? Join me for just 7 days. Each day, come here and enter 5 things you feel thankful for. Also, post your insights and feelings. I'm sure you will notice some amazing things!

(If you'd like a reminder to come here each day, send a blank email to:
nikastew-307916@autocontactor.com )


January 21, 2008

More on Dealing with "Competition"

Whenever you feel like there is too much competition - too many other designers in your area, too many do-it-yourself shows on tv, other decorators getting the big jobs that you want, etc. - you have to remember that you are coming from a place of "lack." The truth is: there is no lack in the universe. There is enough business for everyone. The right customers - your target - will come to you.

Focus instead on the fact that there is no one else like you. You are truly unique. Think about your strengths, your unique talents, your own passions. Really think about them, and feel your feelings about them. Then bring the energy of these feelings with you as you go about your day.

You will notice less competition!

January 20, 2008

Dealing with the Competition

Do other designers brag about how great they are doing? Does it bother you?

I was recently talking with one of my private coaching clients, and she wondered how to deal with other local designers talking about their incredible clients and big projects. She feels insecure because she is newer in the industry and doesn't have so many large jobs yet.

She isn't sure how to respond to these designers. Plus, it makes her feel bad because she's thinking that everyone else is doing better than she is.

This reminds me of something my husband says:

Men with really tiny ____s always brag about everything -their cars, their homes, their money. The ones who feel comfortable with themselves don't need to.

My advice: The women who are doing the bragging would actually be envious of YOU if you smile and congratulate them, and know in your own heart that you are doing what you love, and there is more than enough business out there for everyone. The right clients will be attracted to you. Just get clear on what you are most passionate about, and let the world know.

To your success,

January 19, 2008

One tiny step a day

Have you done anything to market yourself today? If you do one tiny thing each day to increase awareness of your business, you will start to see amazing things happen in a short period of time.

Here are some easy, quick things you can do... just do one every day!

  • Post a topic in an online forum (include your website in your signature)
  • Join a social network, like MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Active Rain
  • Make a connection with someone on a social network
  • Make a post on your blog
  • Call a past client
  • Send a card
  • Send an email newsletter
  • Give your business card to someone you meet
  • Post an article on an Internet article site (http://www.ezinearticles.com/)
  • Submit your blog or website to a web directory

To your success!

January 17, 2008

Get Ready for Wild Success in 2008!

(Below is a wonderful "Goal Exercise" - be sure to post your comments and insights...)

I just returned from a relaxing trip to Florida to visit my
parents. I thought I would want to get some work
done while I was there, but I ended up just shopping with
friends, strolling the boardwalks, and playing with Ellie for five
days. It's hard to adjust to the freezing temperatures back here
in NJ, but I'm excited about jumping in and immersing
myself in the thrilling anticipation of 2008.

My most exciting news is that I finally bought my
dream house! After 3 years of looking for a new home
and thinking that we would have to "settle," I visualized
what I really wanted, and within a few weeks,
we found the house and signed the contract.
We're moving next month! I'll have some pictures
on my blog as soon as I get in.

By now I'm sure you've seen dozens of news stories
and read many emails on setting goals for the new
year. But I wanted to send you a wonderful exercise
that I received last year from a friend. It's an easy and
fun way to clarify your goals for the next year, and really
feel motivated to achieve your dreams. I found it well
worth my time (about 15-20 minutes).

Post your thoughts or insights below by clicking 'Comments.'
Sharing is the best way to get clear and feel empowered.
Then go to my favorite new site - Come As You Will Be
- and really put the law of attraction to work for you this year.

Step 1:
Spend 3 minutes listing items to answer this question:
"By the end of my life, what do I want to have done?"

Step 2:
Spend 3 minutes listing items to answer this question:
"By one year from today, what do I want to have done?"

Step 3:
Spend 3 minutes listing items to answer this question:
"I just found out I have 30 days to live.
What do I want to have experienced in this last month of my life?"

Step 4:
Go through each list and circle your top three (most important) in each.

Step 5:
List your top three from each list on one master
list...these are your goals for 2008. This
does not mean you will achieve ALL of them, but you
want to be making progress towards them.

Step 6:
(This is the one step we often neglect, and it is the only way to ensure progress toward our goals and dreams.)
Grab your 2008 calendar, and for each goal you listed, make time on your calendar to take specific actions toward each goal. Be realistic and consistent, and find a way to be held accountable (the most effective way is being part of a mastermind group or success team).

Step 7:
Take a look at all the goals on your list. Search for broader themes. What do these goals say about who you really are and what you want in life? See if you can complete the following sentence:
"What I want next is...."

I hope you get as much out of this as I did. Here's to wild success in 2008!

January 02, 2008

Project H.O.M.E - get involved!

The Decorators' Alliance of North America is launching Project H.O.M.E. this month. Volunteer a little of your time to re-design someone's life. Through donations and volunteers, this project hopes to uplift, empower, and improve people's lives through design.

Watch this video and get inspired!