March 05, 2009

Notes from the Interior Design Summit:
It's All About Attitude

Today's post gives you a summary of notes from Debbie Green's class, "It's All About Attitude"

"A good attitude is the foundation for a successful design business."

The more you ACT happy, the more you FEEL happy.

Attitude Improvers: 
  • create and stick to a budget for your business
  • clean your desk
  • smile
You must earn a prospect's trust before you can ever expect to get a sale.  Even after you earn someone's trust, they may not buy from you. But if you don't start with creating a trusting relationship, there will NEVER be a sale.

How to earn trust:
  • Never violate your integrity
  • Always be on time
  • Share your knowledge
  • Send a regular ezine
Do what you say you will do. Deliver what you promise. This seems obvious, right? Unfortunately, it's not often done!   (If you go beyond this, you really stand out.)

Thanks for an uplifting class, Debbie!

Debbie Green is the founder of Minutes Matter design software.  You can find out more about Debbie and her products at

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