March 24, 2008

Relationship Marketing

Since moving into my new house just a few weeks ago, I have received dozens of postcards, brochures, and flyers from all kinds of decorating professionals. I actually AM in the market for some services, including landscaping, house cleaning, entertainment systems, etc. But I haven't been inspired to call any of the companies who sent their promotions.

Until today.

I got a personal note in my mailbox from a man who is in the landscaping business. Instead of trying to impress me with anonymous photos and generic headlines, he talked about himself. He talked about the economy. He said that he understood that a lot of people are cutting back on home design, and that is why he works individually with each homeowner to design something that they can afford and feel good about.

I'm not positive that this guy is the right landscaper for me, but I certainly want to call him and give him a chance.

Also, this afternoon, my doorbell rang. It was a woman who does house cleaning for several of my neighbors. She welcomed me to the neighborhood and told me about what she does. We chatted about our families, local stores, decorating. She is now my cleaning woman!

My point is... anonymous mailings and print ads are becoming less and less effective.

Am I saying to give this up completely? Absolutely not! Advertising is an important part of a complete marketing campaign, and there are easy ways to make yours as successful as possible (see articles on this topic in this blog). But there is nothing more powerful and effective as creating a relationship. This can be done in person OR even in a flyer - if you write it from your heart.

Be personal, be authentic, and create relationships... and watch your business soar.

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