February 11, 2008

Stretch Your Way to Success

Last Wednesday, at my weekly Mastermind Meeting, I was suddenly motivated to demand that everyone set a "Stretch Goal" for the week. While we always talk about our goals and what we need to get done, I felt that we all needed to make a really noticeable jump to another level. No more being satisfied with coasting along, getting enough done, or just doing fine.

Of course, when it was my turn to state a Stretch Goal, I realized that I would actually have to step out of my own comfort zone. Eeek! So I stated that I really want to hire another assistant, so I can free up a few more hours each week. I love when my "busy work" is handled by others, but setting up the systems and getting started with someone new is the part I dread. Plus, giving up complete control over every detail is a little tough for me. Can anyone relate??

How terrific will I feel once this is all taken care of? Pretty darn good. But although I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, I haven't taken steps to get it done because getting started felt uncomfortable. I needed to take a stretch and step out of my comfortable status quo.

What is a Stretch Goal? It is a goal that requires you to step out of your comfort zone - do something a little uncomfortable or difficult for you. Achieving your Stretch Goal will move you closer to success - in any area. For example, hiring someone new is always nerve-racking for me, but I know that having another assistant will make my working time even more efficient. I will be able to enjoy more free time and make more money.

By the way, hiring people might come easy to you. But it's a stretch for me. Your Stretch Goal has to be a stretch for you.

Would you like to commit to a Stretch Goal this week? First, think about what you'd really like to achieve by next week. Then, write it down. Those who write down their goals are 50% more likely to achieve them.

If you'd like to further increase your chances of achievement, post your goal here (CLICK HERE TO POST). Hold yourself accountable by announcing your goal to the world.

See you next week - one step closer to outrageous success!


Anonymous said...

Call three decorating magazines to find out how to get published.

Anonymous said...

Take EVERY opportunity to distribute my business card (seize the moment!) - be more proactive in direct advertising/merketing.

Dezngal4 said...

I am going to complete all my year end administration work. Distribute my business cards and postcard.

Anonymous said...

Update: I did great this week (yeah!!!) stretching my comfort zone. I clearly saw 2 opportunities I missed to market myself one in Home Depot (seeing a couple confused in their selection - I just felt too shy .. felt like I would be barging into their conversation) and another in an elevator when a female asked me what I was making (I was carrying 4' bamboo sticks + 3' styrofoam) .. after my initial thought of "how nosy of her, not saying hello when I entered the elevator, but asking what I was making" I then thought "darn I should had given her my business card" after I told her what I was designing. Later on I realized that I still WAS proactive in marketing myself this past week bec. I had sent an email to friends & acquaintances "directly" asking them to help distribute my ezine (I have a hard time asking for things from friends + family so it was a big step for me). Now, I am going to buy a nice business card holder & keep my cards in my coat pocket for quick access next time my home depot, and elevator, and etc opportunities arrive. Plus, I am glad I have become more "aware" of my opportunities. I wish the best for EVERYONE!

Jack Payne said...

Love the term, "Stretch Goal." It opens up a whole new school of thought. For all those people out there who nod their heads and walk in a straight line, and claim plaid as their favorite color, you have given hope.

Too many of us look at the challenge of extra effort with the learned insight of an alcoholic: When in doubt, mumble. Let's hope you can replace this impossible staircase from purgatory with an escalator.

P.S.--Thanks for your nice review, Nika.