July 19, 2007

Nika's New Title CONTEST!

Win any Wealthy Decorator Product or Book

Can I get your help?

I've been thinking about my "title" for quite a while (the Designers' Success Coach), and I'm not happy with it. It bothers me for two reasons. First, it doesn't really flow off the tongue. And second, I don't feel it really captures - in a succinct and powerful way - what I want to do for designers.

My intention is:

To teach and inspire designers to create success and joy in their lives. To provide access to strategies and ideas for living a happy and successful life as a designer.

I've struggled with this by myself for too long, so I've decide to ask for help. In fact, I'm holding a contest to choose my new title.

The designer who comes up with the best title for me will win a choice of any of my books or products. You can see what is available here.

Be creative, and enter as many times as you'd like. There are no rules or restrictions on what the title can be, but here are my thoughts:

  • I want it to be a powerful statement of my intention
  • I want it to be easy to say
  • I like rhymes
  • I want it to be succinct
  • I want it to be fun!

Go for it! I really appreciate all your help, and I look forward to giving away a great success product, too!


ENTER YOUR TITLE SUGGESTION BY CLICKING HERE (or click "Post a Comment" below) - and don't forget to add your name and email.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Nika,
Here are some titles
Designing for success
Design for success
Designing for Dollars
Making money with Design
Design Business Solutions
Design succesfully
Insight for Designers
Good Luck
Joel Leibowitz
A Better Design

Debbie Bowis said...


You surround your self with all those "mavens" so I think you should be a diva...The Designer's Diva, that is.

Debbie Bowis

Anonymous said...

Hi Nika:

I've got just one for you that I think describes you best. Based on what I got from what you want to achieve, I think you should call yourself an "Inspirational Design Director".
You inspire and motivate designers to do their best--you teach them how to be successful at their business. You are truly an inspiration for me. Thanks for letting me join in.

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple...
Designer's Designer (like a Coaches Coach)
Designer's CMO
Designer Business Coach

Bryanne Prichett

Anonymous said...

Hi Nika,

"Designs for Success"


Anonymous said...

"The Designer's Designer" is my title for the contest..Thank you, Penny G Sapp/PS Designs


Anonymous said...

Designer's Tools for Success,
The Designer's Tools,
The Inspired Designer,
Design Discernments
The Designer's Eye
Eye of the Designer

Me said...

Hi all!
Thanks for your great responses so far. But I just want to remind you - this is a title for ME, not for the business. So what would you call ME?
Thanks - keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nika,

How about "The Designer's Marketing Mentor"
as a title!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nika,

Sorry that I can't help - bec. I LOVE your current title. It is what motivated me to contact you - the title to me seems powerful = successful! I talk to people about my voice coach and my designer success coach, though I usually say "decorating" success coach since designer can imply other facets (web designer).

Whatever u choice, I'll still call you my "coach" ;)

Warm Regards,

Anonymous said...

How about: "The Decorator's DreamMaker"


Anonymous said...

Hi Nika!

Here are some suggestions for your new title:

Designers Business Advisor
Designers Business Guide
Interior Design Business Mentor
Designers Success Creator

and my favorite....
Designers Drillmaster


Anonymous said...

Hello There!

How bout...

"The Designers' Diva"


Lisa said...

How about "The Designer Blitzer" ? Designer Blitz is already well known and you are the Blitzer.

Anonymous said...


Here are a few:

Designer's Mentoring Maven

Fine Design Coach

Superior Interiors Strategist

Deborah Lum

Anonymous said...

Nika Stewart aka "Coach Profit"
This is the perfect name for you! It's what you teach, when you are successful you are profitable.
Thanks, Laura Nickel-Sandig
Beautiful Interiors by Design

Unknown said...

Hi Nika~

I was giving a lot of thought to your title struggle lately….

Frankly, there are too many divas and queens out there already….

The one that I keep coming back to is “Business Coach for Designers”. I know it’s not funny or “sexy” J, but very accurate and understandable.

I’ve thought of trainer, teacher, mentor, director, guide – and keep coming back to coach… Everyone understands what a business coach is. And “for designers” specifies exactly who your clients are.

Anyway, for what it’s worth…

If anything else strikes me, I’ll let you know.


Anonymous said...

This list may get long, but here are a few I've conjured up thus far:

Success Curator for Designers
Designer's Dream Conductor
Designer's Dream Curator
Curator for Design Success
Dream Curator for Designers
Curator for Designers' Dreams
Designers' Dreamweaver
Designers' Dream Steward
Designers' Success Steward
Designers' Life Dream Steward
Success Steward for Designers
Steward for Designers Aspirations
Aspired Designers' Steward
Steward for Aspired Designers

Good luck and all the best in your ventures!

Anonymous said...

Oops, left one out.
Steward for Designers' Success

Anonymous said...

Hi Nika-

What about putting "Motivational" into your title since you really are all about inspiring and motivating. You could always have a by-line below it to further explain what you do-

Nika Stewart
Motivational Mentor

Helping Designers Succeed

Sue Sampson

Anonymous said...

Since you like the name you have, how about "Success Coach for Designers"? This rolls off the tongue a little easier.

Rachel G.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few more:
The Designers' Adviser

The Designer's Adviser for Marketing Success

The Designers' Adviser for Successful Business Marketing

Rachel G.

Anonymous said...

Here's another spin on one I sent earlier:

"Success Coach for Interior Designers and Decorators"

Rachel G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nika, I thought I would enter the contest at the final hour. Here are my thoughts on your professional title:

(The) Designing Coach(ing)
(The) Vision Coach(ing)
(The) Design your dream coach(ing)
Design for Success (coach) (ing)
(The)Decorating Professionals Business Coach(ing)
(The) Business success coach (ing)

Anonymous said...

I think you got it right the first time, the Designers' Success Coach.

Peggy Johnson

Anonymous said...

I know the contest is over, but how about:
Designer Business Coach or
Design Busines Coach?

Rolls off the tongue easily and i succint.
Mary McCurdy

Anonymous said...

Hi Nika,

I agree with Peggy. You coach designers to success in the
design business. The title Designers' Success Coach completely identifies who you are and what you do!

Nan Harris
Decorative Expressions, LLC

Diane said...

Keep it simple!!

Design for Life