July 19, 2007

What forms do you need to help your business?

I often get requests for templates of business forms, so I am putting together a binder of every form you could ever need for your design business - from COM contracts to repair policies. If there are any forms you would love to have, please click to comment below to let me know - so that I can include them.


Anonymous said...
How about some samples of client contracts?

Trish said...
I always wanted a form with a phone script for when a new prospect calls. Is that a form?

Linda said...
Sample contracts when working as a sub-contractor with other design professionals

a better purchase order form

a form on which to write down info when a client gives you their credit card info over the phone. I find myself forgetting to ask them how the name is written on the credit card, for instance, or fogetting to ask for the CVV code. Or I am inputting the credit card info online, and have to stop and go get the address information.

a checklist for comparing insurance plans, for evaluating need for, and purchasing, liability insurance?

Two forms I recently purchased from Minutes Matter and found quite helpful are the Top Ten List (ten most important things to do today) and the Designer Checklist - to make sure you have everything as you head out the door.

Anonymous said...
I'd like to see a retainer contract example to compare to what I use. I use it when I'm describing to clients what we've established that I will be advising them on or purchasing for them, and then I take a percentage of the total in order to start work. Mine is probably too basic.

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