March 11, 2009

Notes from the Interior Design Summit:
How to Start a Giving Program for Your Business

Inspiration from Maggie Keenan's class, "5 Ways Giving Makes A Difference for Your Design Business"

Having a Giving Program is a great business strategy. It creates Win-Win. You get involved in social issues AND boost your image.

How does "giving" helps businesses?
  • enhance your business image
  • increase sales
  • build client loyalty
  • improve employee retention
  • create / boost / enhance your brand
COOL TIP: Giving Program does not have to be about YOU giving money. Get creative. Hold a contest. Raise money. Donate time or knowledge.

Don't treat "giving" as side project. It should be an integral part of business. Otherwise you won't reap the benefits AND neither will the charity!

First thing to do is define your Giving Goals. Then develop your Giving Budget. Then create your Giving Story. Use your Giving Story in all your marketing.

If you are a local business, why not give to LOCAL causes. Help your community & boost awareness of your own business among ideal prospects.

INTERESTING STATISTIC: If price and quality are equal, consumers will switch and recommend a new company based on a Giving Program or Cause. Wow!

Make sure your Giving Program is "authentic, not opportunistic."

Maggie F. Keenan, Ed.D., is the author of Small Businesses Give Big… why charitable giving is a great business strategy. You can find her book at:

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Anonymous said...

Giving programs definitely are an excellent way to give back to the community. We all have to be socially responsible.