March 31, 2009

Email Newsletters Done For You!

Several years ago, when I launched my email newsletter, I was among a small handful of designers to be using this amazing tool. I had the opportunity, early on, to learn from the experts and experiment to find out exactly what works (and what absolutely doesn't). Over the years, I have seen the email newsletter craze really take off in our industry, as designers caught on to the incredible value they provide. It has gotten to a point where it is no longer a novelty or an advantage to have a newsletter - it's become a necessity

These days, if you aren't using email newsletters to stay in touch with your customers, increase your sales, and build your expert status, you are behind the times, and probably losing customers to your competition.

As an expert in email newsletters, I know the latest, cutting-edge strategies for
maximizing the impact of your newsletter, keeping clients interested, and inspiring clients to take action. After helping many, many designers build their own newsletters through my Email Newsletters for Designers book and audio program (and getting loads of emails begging me to “just do it for me!”), I found that there is a need to go a step further. So ..

How would you like to benefit from my 8 years of experience in creating high-impact, relevant newsletters? I am excited to launch a brand new service where I actually create and send the newsletters for you! It could not possibly be any easier. Imagine having a great newsletter - packed with interesting decorating ideas and tips - emailed to YOUR clients and prospects every month, with your logo, photo, website, phone number, and bio included.

Finally – sending a monthly email newsletter will be

You have heard about email newsletters for years now, and you have been meaning to get to it one day. This is a perfect opportunity to have it done for you - and done the right way.

Interested in learning more? Log onto: to get all the details.

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