January 03, 2009

It's Time for Some More Gratitude (tweet, tweet)

Do you ever have these types of thoughts?
  • I wish I didn't have so many challenging customers.
  • Why can't I find higher-end clients?
  • My customers don't spend that kind of money.
  • The market is really slow right now.
"What you focus on... expands."

When you instead start feeling
gratitude for the business you NOW have, you will start to attract more of those things you are grateful for.

Do you have clients who pay you (even if it seems like a small amount)? Be grateful for them.

Are you able to arrange your schedule to have a little quality time with your loved ones? Feel gratitude for this blessing.

Are you doing what you love for a living? Remember to feel thankful everyday for this opportunity.

"The daily practice of gratitude
is one of the conduits by which
your wealth will come to you."

- Wallace Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich

Earlier this year, I created a Gratitude Experiment for my clients and ezine readers. For seven days, participants wrote down 5 things they felt grateful for. After just a few days, we got comments like:
  • "It's amazing how well it works and how much inspiration there is in this simple exercise."
  • "This exercise has taught me to be appreciative of all things, regardless of how small they may seem."
  • "I feel a warm fuzzy and think this is a great way to end the day or begin it!"
  • "This is the best exercise, I am feeling so happy! Let's not stop."

***Well, after seeing how powerful Twitter is for bringing conscious, happy, helpful people together, I decided I should bring this Gratitude Experiment to my tweeps.  If you want to see some miracles occur in your life, join in.  Just post what you are grateful for at least once a day, using the hash #gratX.  

Looking forward to sharing in your happiness, appreciation, and gratitude.

I'm grateful for you!

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