January 04, 2009

An Easy Way to Create Relationships (& Get More Sales) on the Internet

You may have heard my voice at my site (www.wealthydecorators.com). I use this audio in many places on the web, and it really helps me get more leads for my business because of the added connection it creates with web browsers. This article shows you how you can gain more leads and sales by using audio.

How to Use Audio on the Internet

The simple fact is - most people now look online when researching which companies to use for
anything. Your website and your business email correspondence must reflect your professionalism and personal style. They also need to stand out from the competition. And they need to make a connection with your viewers.

WAIT! Is it actually possible to make a
personal connection and establish a relationship with a total stranger on the Internet?

Yes, it is. And one of my favorite techniques is
using audio.

A prospect needs to
like you and trust you if they are going to give you their business. Consumers are more likely to trust you if they see and hear you. By including your photo and your personal voice greeting, you transform a normally impersonal medium (the web) into a friendlier, more welcoming place.

So how can you use audio to create a stronger connection with your prospects and clients
(thus increasing your calls, sales, and resales)?

Here are three fun ideas:

  • Greet visitors on your home web page
Your audio "welcome" will build rapport with prospects much quicker than typed words alone.
  • Boost the impact of your testimonials
Written testimonials are good. But audio testimonials are even more powerful. Have your customers record their testimonials - in their own words - and put them on your website with their names and photos.
  • Create "Audio Proposals"
If you email your sketches, photos, and estimates to a prospect, include an audio explaining everything and describing your design with emotion. This is not only more exciting and modern, but it is that personal connection that will encourage prospects to hire you.

Want to know the easiest way to get audio on your site and emails? I use a program called
Audio Generator. For a small monthly fee, it allows me to post my voice messages on as many web pages as I want, and I can send unlimited audio emails. It is so simple - all I do is call a phone number, record my message, and hang up. Immediately, my recording is available to use.

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