July 23, 2007

Go to the Gym - a quick marketing tip

With spring in the air, lots of people are heading to the gym to shape up. And interestingly enough, most of those gym-goers are homeowners who can use your services.

Last year, my friend Mary - a massage therapist with her own studio - came up with a great marketing idea that cross-promoted her services with a gym.

Mary made up three different "congratulations" coupons and brought them to a local women's fitness center. One offer was for women who had lost 5 pounds ($10 towards a massage), one was for those who lost 10 pounds ($20 off the price of a massage), and the last was for any woman who had reached her goal weight (1/2 price massage). The women at the fitness center went crazy for these coupons. They were like an extra bonus for reaching a goal. Mary got several extra calls each week. PLUS - the gym loved giving out the coupons because it made them look so generous - and they didn't have to lay out a penny!

Can you come up with a fun alternative for your design business?

  • $25 Gift Certificate for attending 12 exercise classes in a row
  • Free Color Consultation when you book 3 personal training sessions
  • Lose 10 pounds and get 10% off your window treatments

Local businesses love to have an extra perk to offer their clients. It makes them look great, and you get some extra business!

gift certificate

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