July 04, 2009

Celebrating Personal Freedom

Happy Independence Day!

I’m getting ready for a big reunion party at my house this evening, but I wanted to write to you today about “freedom.”

As we celebrate the birthday of our country, many people are feeling extremely grateful for the freedoms we have.  And as designers and business owners in this country, we have the incredible opportunity to create 
anything we want.

As your own boss, you can choose to design your business to support whatever lifestyle you desire.  You are completely free to run your business and live your life 
on your own terms.

Are you doing that?


Imagine if you were able to leverage your talent and your time so that you could give value to more people – without working any more hours.

Imagine if you could work when you want, how you want, and where you want – and make more money!

(You can.)

This is what I’ve been doing over the last few years, and it’s what I’m going to personally teach to 25 of you over the next year.

Will you be one of the lucky ones to join me?

If you are ready to transform your business 
(or start a whole new one) and begin living a truly extraordinary life, I would love to work with you.

Get all the details of the 
Extreme Designer Makeover program here, and join me as we expand what you thought was possible for your business.  But hurry – early bird pricing ends when Independence Day is over.

Extreme Designer Makeover
Transform your business... transform your life

To your success,



P.S. Enjoy your holiday weekend.  I wish you the freedom to express yourself and love your life!



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