March 08, 2009

Notes from the Interior Design Summit:
Everything Designers Need to Know about Staging

Here are some notes and ideas from Craig Schiller's class, "Everything Designers Need to Know about Staging"

When staging, designers need to know that the HOUSE is the star. Not the design. Not the designer. The HOUSE.

What designers need to give up is the need to add flair, drama, personality, ego.

What designers need to ADD is speed.

Staging design is disposable, it's quick, it's all about marketing.

Craig Schiller is the founder of Real Estaging, Chicago’s premier home staging company. He has staged 100’s of homes in the greater Chicago market. His staging work was highlighted in Home Magazine. He writes the #1 blog in the country on home staging. Craig has spoken to numerous audiences about staging. And in November 2006 he founded - with over 2,400 members nationwide it is now the largest FREE home staging industry site providing home staging tips, marketing ideas, and success stories on home staging.

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