November 28, 2007

Marketing Makes You Fat

Scientific studies show that marketing is tied to weight gain! Well, actually, the studies show that elevated levels of stress often cause increased fat. And since many designers tell me that marketing makes them feel stressed, I just made the connection.

So to ease your stress (and possibly increase your health and fitness), I've decided to answer some common marketing questions

  1. What are the most effective ways to market a design business?
    First, let's define "effective." Effective marketing is
    creating a lot of awareness about your company - for the least amount of money. The more effective your marketing, the more calls you will get from prospects looking for your services. (Selling the prospects on you and your services is the next step, but first you have to get them to call.)

    The most effective marketing techniques for designers are the ones that create relationships - in other words, marketing that focuses on a specific target audience, includes personal contact, and emphasizes continual customer satisfaction.

    Okay, you want the short answer? Here are the marketing techniques that work the best:
    - email newsletters sent at least twice per month
    - calling past customers at least once a year
    - knocking on doors in new neighborhoods
    - mailing personal notes to new neighborhoods and past customers
    - live classes or demonstrations (only if they are done regularly, and then followed up with one or more of the above methods)

  2. What are the cheapest ways to market my design business?
    See all the techniques above.

  3. What are the best ways to get repeat sales from past customers?
    See all the techniques above.

  4. How do I get more clients that I really like working with?
    See all the techniques above.

Okay, this may seem like a joke, but seriously - these marketing techniques work! And if you put each method into your schedule and make a system for yourself, you will be taking away a HUGE part of your marketing stress.

Here's to your marketing fitness!

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    Yes, but I thought it was funny! And a clever way to try to market his business.