August 05, 2007

Turn your Invoices into Marketing Tools

I love when I hand an invoice to a new customer, and they say:
"Oh! I didn't know you made pillows!"
(...or bedding, or ottomans, or shutters, etc.)
All of my products and services are listed on my invoices.

When a potential client calls you for an initial consultation, they often have blinders on. They assume you only handle the product or service that they are interested in at the moment. But if they enjoy working with you, they will most likely want to use you for future projects. So make sure they know about everything you offer.

Here are some other ways to transform your invoices into great marketing weapons:

  • Promote an upcoming event
  • Provide helpful tips
  • Offer a special discount on future sales
  • Include a "treat" - (chocolate bar, mug, pen)

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