July 29, 2007

6 Tips to Make Your Portfolio Sell You

Your professional portfolio is an important selling tool. A great one will put you ahead of the competition. But I've seen and heard of many lost sales due to poorly designed, unorganized, or even no portfolio (gasp). When I spruced up my portfolio, I noticed more respect for my work, and it was a lot easier to sell at consultations.

Here are 6 portfolio tips:

  1. Use large photographs - 8x10 or larger. Small snapshots tend to look amateurish.
  2. Include small "before" snapshots next to your finished work when you can. These will add to the impact of your beautiful designs.
  3. Hire a professional photographer. My business took a giant leap when I finally hired a photographer. One more sale could pay for the expense!
  4. Include clippings from any press articles where you are mentioned.
  5. Keep your photos updated. Replace jobs from several years ago with fresh, new ones.
  6. Limit your photos to about a dozen. Use only your most impressive work. Small, modest jobs can be kept as snapshots in your briefcase to pull out when necessary.
When your portfolio is well-maintained and professional, your selling is a whole lot easier.

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