April 01, 2009

I Surrender!

Thoughts from my experience at David Neagle's Experience the Reality of Success

Because this was my second time at David Neagle’s Experience the Reality of Success, I decide to have a different experience. Instead of participating fully in the powerful experiential exercises that David presented, I wanted to simply observe.

Or did I?

No, I really didn’t WANT to sit back and observe. What is the point of investing in a workshop and flying across the country for a week if I’m not going to participate? So why wasn’t I fully committing to the experience?

On day three, I realized what was holding me back.

Fear of disappointment that my experience wouldn’t compare to the incredible experience I had last year at ERS.

Fear of failure – it’s so much easier to claim I didn’t participate than to admit I didn’t reach my goal.

Fear of looking bad – I’m a success coach, for goodness sake! This is supposed to come easy to me.

I know it’s common to have these fears, and I’ve dealt with them all many times. I also know that if I “feel the fear and do it anyway,” I come out stronger and happier.

But I still wasn’t committing.

On the last day of the workshop I figured it out. I remembered that the reason I had such a profound experience at the last ERS workshop was that I completely surrendered. I mean completely. I let go of control and trusted that everything would be perfect. I even surrendered to the FEAR. And that is what let me walk right through it.

Surrendering is what allowed me to have such a meaningful experience at the workshop. And it is what allowed me to step into my most powerful, successful year ever as an entrepreneur.


Kind of a mysterious concept. So easy, and yet so hard. Hard to trust that it will be okay. Hard to know that the answers are already inside you. Hard to believe that success is yours NOW, if only you will allow it. Yet, once you decide to completely surrender to the power of the universe and the power inside of you, everything becomes easy.


Lorraine said...

Nika are an inspiration! I was honored to share a table with you in Las Vegas and you were a rockstar. Surrender certainly looks good on you and seems to be a short cut to success.

Terri Taylor said...

Great article Nika. Your are right , the very hardest thing is to surrender and let it happen. So many times I have experienced the amazing oppertunities and results in my life that come from letting go of the fear and embracing the belief that it is all there for me. Why do I still catch myself worring about things? How many examples do I need?