March 06, 2009

Notes from the Interior Design Summit:
Greater Client Attraction by Allowing Your Prospects to KNOW You

This post includes notes and inspiration from Heather Dominick's class, "Greater Client Attraction by Allowing Your Prospects to KNOW You"

Thoughts on the big debate: Should a designer ever do a free consultation? Heather says there is a middle ground between FREE consultations and PAID consultations. It's not black or white. There is a way to have a "Get to Know You" session where you and the prospect can see if you are a good fit for each other.

It's all about CONNECTION.  The intention of all your marketing materials should be to create a connection with your ideal client. You just need to learn simple ways to connect with your prospects:
  • Be more personal in your marketing
  • Ask questions and listen
  • Stay in touch with regular phone calls and newsletters
Make a mindset shift: from "selling" to "SERVING" !!

Heather Dominick is the EnergyRich® Entrepreneur Success Coach to healers, coaches & entrepreneurs around the world:

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