October 22, 2008

An important message for designers re: the economy

Can you personally affect this economy in a positive way? Absolutely! Don't think for a moment that one person can't make a big difference. And it doesn't take a lot of hard work or time.

I have been studying what makes some designers successful - wildly successful, despite what the outside world / media / friends are saying about the economy. Many of them have doubled or tripled profits this year. They are enjoying the dream businesses that they've worked for, and feeling fulfilled and happy.

And the best part about being successful is that you actually make more people successful - just by being successful!

What do I mean?

Think about it. Designers and decorators who are complaining about the economy, talking about how they don't have enough business, and reacting to their worries and concerns are affecting the economy in a negative way. Negative talk leads to more people worrying and reacting - and spending less! Which, of course, leads to more worry, more complaining, and LESS spending. A vicious cycle.

The opposite is also true. Designers who have made the decision to think positively and focus on what is good about their businesses (okay, I know I'm sounding a bit Pollyanna here, but just go with me), are noticing that they are NOT being affected by the so-called slow economy. They are investing more time and energy into improving their businesses in creative ways, which leads to more publicity and more clients, leading to more positive energy, more profits, more improving, etc.

I have designer clients who have worked with me over the past year on improving their businesses - starting with their mindsets - who say to me," I don't get what everyone is saying. My business is doing better than ever."

Imagine if we could recruit more designers to start thinking more positively? At some point we would reach what is called "The Tipping Point."

- more people would feel positive and optimistic,
- people would relax and release their worries,
- more money would be spent,
- the economy would improve!

Can you imagine? I know I want to be a part of that! Join me, won't you?

If you want to have more success, model the designers who are having wild success right now. The most important thing to do first is focus on the positive. What are you most grateful for? Now, I am NOT saying to bury your head in the sand. No, you should not ignore what is going on in the world. You NEED to keep current with business and design trends. Which leads me to the second thing you must do...

The second thing you must do is learn how to run your business in the most effective way to create prosperity in current times. Creating success in business is a learned skill. Learn a few techniques, put them into action, and you WILL see improvement.

If you know anyone who needs a boost -in their mindset or in their pocketbook, please let them know about the upcoming Interior Design Summit. This Summit is designed to help designers in both areas - attitude and profits! The more designers who attend, the quicker we will see an upswing in the economy.

You can make a difference. Let's do it together!
Join me next week, and invite everyone you know:

To your easy success,

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Jack Payne said...

If this coming depression is anything like the Great Depression of the 1930s, designers should do O.K. This is a fixer-up era Examples: During the last depression house painters and shoe repair people did an excellent business. A lot more people stay put--don't risk moving into that more expennsive house. Hence, paint, decoraing, etc. take on an even greater significance/