February 01, 2008

Ideal Client Experiment

I want to start this article with a quote from my favorite Law of Attraction teacher - Esther Hicks.

"You could sit for 15 minutes and conjure an image of youself (with your ideal clients, in your ideal business). And if you could imagine it to the point that you bring yourself to some level of enthusiasm, you will have accomplished more in that 15 minutes of visualization than you could in 10 years of action."

Would you like to see how this works in attracting the type of clients that you really want? This is a simple exercise that will take you just a few minutes each day.

"What you focus on... expands."

What you need to do first is visualize your ideal client. Don't try to be "realistic." Dream about who you would really like to work with. What is this person like? What do they think about? How do they spend their time? Where do they hang out?

Then, each day for 7 days, come here and write a little about your ideal client. Each day, you can add some more details, and each day you should get clearer about this target. The clearer you get, the more you will attract these clients. Really! This works! It is easier AND more effective than working very hard, spending loads of time pouring through business books, or wasting lots of money on advertising to try to draw clients to you.

Simply relax into this visualization, write down what you are seeing and feeling, and watch these people walk into your life.




My ideal client understands the need for my services, and wants the advice of an expert. She is in her 30s-50s, a professional with her own business. She is married with children, and has a very supportive husband. She makes good money, but her husband brings in the main income for the family. She goes to local networking meetings, and enjoys growing her business and beautifying her home.

Deb the practical decorator said...

My ideal client is based on a wonderful woman I am working with right now.
My ideal client is happy, easy going and well established in the community.
She relies on me for direction while having her own style and color sense.
She appreciates and can afford beautiful furniture, accessories and window treatments.
Her marriage is strong and her husband is supportive, he has little input because he trusts in hers and my decisions.

Anonymous said...

My ideal client:
- intelligent
- 40's - 50's
- financially secure with disposable income - large budget set aside - for decorating home.
- within 10 miles of office
- beginning new construction
- spiritually and emotionally kind
- supportive family
- trusting
- decisive
- appreciates fine wines, travel - wants a mercedes, not a volkwagen
- has second home
- willing and appreciative of my value to create a home they love.

TEA said...

My ideal client is this family that lives in a middle/upper class neighbourhood. Both her and her husband works at the Pentagon. They have2 young children,a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. They love to entertain. Once a month the teenage children of their friends would come in to entertain the little ones while the adults have fun. They just purchased their dream house with a beautiful sunroom which has a great view of grazing deers. The family wants their new home to be welcoming and inviting but yet relaxed. They are just about ready to get their dream home decorated.

Ada said...

My ideal client ... middle class, works hard at work and wants to come home to a comfortble and beautiful home, mid 20s to mid 40s, has a good heart, puts everyone else first before him/her

Andi said...

My ideal client is a woman, 30-50 years old who is married and either pregnant or has children still living at home. She is professional, either working in her own business or has temporarily left the workforce to raise their children. One of her main priorities is her children’s safety and well being. Her husband has a good job with a nice income. He leaves the decorating decisions to her.

She likes to entertain family and friends and have a nicely decorated home, but doesn't have the confidence or time to complete projects on her own. She values custom workmanship and a high level of customer service.

Lady L. said...

My ideal client is a woman
-in her 40's-60's
-she has a supportive spouse or is single, but she is able to make the decisions
-she is decisive and confident, but patient as long as she sees results
- she has her own income
-she is positive and pleasant, with a generous nature, and good manners
-her home is more important than travel
-she has a flexible schedule so is willing to put some time into the process of working with me for her project
-she values quality
-she appreciates art
-she wants something special and different in her home
-she values my expertise
-She appreciates attention to detail
-she is willing to open up about what is important to her
-she entertains in her home
-she is willing to do things in stages if necessary rather than compromise on the quality
-she lives in Northern Virginia or the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC
- her children are not in college
- she likes to recommend me to her friends

Jen said...

My ideal client is a person who is successful in life, in business, comfortable with themselves & possess the following attributes:
value experts
possess excellent communication skills.
love art,
have a sense of humor,
recognize well made pieces
enjoy antiques and found objects, are opinionated & resourceful, direct, approachable,
open to new ideas,
willing to experiment
love my work

karen said...

My ideal client is someone who knows what they want from their space but have no idea how to get there. Their trust in me allows for great use of my creativity. This individual would have a love of people, cooking, the arts and adventure. Oh, and a large budget along with a large home would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

My ideal client is successful herself, warm and interesting and willing to let me have free rein. She values my talents and is eager to let me bring beauty, joy, harmony and balance to her home. She enjoys letting me be a bit "quirkish" in my style and is not rigid and tradtional. We both are able to spread our wings together and money is not an issue at all. Her home is huge and I am able to work on it for many years- a room at a time. I get to source fabrics/accesories/furniture all over the world- and bring back treasures for her home (and my own).

pat--the drapery diva said...

My ideal client
1. Lives on the Gulf
2. Has good taste
3. Is willing to trust my judgement
4. Has the money to do whatever they want
5. Respects those who provide services
6. Pays on time
7. Believes they got more than their money's worth
8. Is happy

Anonymous said...

My ideal client has style in mind and is willing to pay for it. She is in her 30's-50's and has the income to support her taste. She is married with children and is decisive and happy. She is also willing to be creative and appreciates design advice.

deb the practical decorator said...

My ideal client has teenage or grown children. She is a top producer for a business like real estate or a business that puts her in contact with many , many of her own clients. Her clients trust her so when she consistently gives my name out as a great decorator, they call me and hire me.
She decorates each room fully right down to the doorknobs and decorative switch plates. It may take some time to finish each room but she's always coming up with new fun ways to decorate her house and calls me to help her make it happen.
My ideal client has a second home that needs complete renovation, she flies me to the tropical paradise to work with her! (I'm loving this woman!)

jen bringing design home said...

Working with my ideal client:

when she calls I feel energized and hopeful.
At the first consultation I feel the click of connection, we are a match, She wants what I can deliver. Integration and fabulous solutions, money is no object, taste and style are, we want to build in beauty with a sense of humor and joy, some quirkiness, modern & old intwined.
How do I feel when she wants to work with me? I am touched & exhilirated by her recognition of my ability. I feel happy to work with this client. Life is great, we are going to be friends, we will travel a journey of design and discovery together.
I have so many ideas and yes she loves them and wants to implement them. I cant wait to get started.

Andi said...

When my ideal client calls me for the first time she is excited about her project and can't wait to get started. She is someone who has purchased custom window treatments before and has some notion of the expense. She has purchase ready made treatments in the past and has not been happy.

When I meet her for the first time, she is very approachable and outgoing, she chats about her family and then clearly articulates her needs. She is decisive and knows what she likes. She doesn't ponder on decisions too long. Price is not an issue.

Kristen said...

My ideal client would be a clone of the client I just landed by the law of attraction. It is a couple who both share a genuine enthusiasm for designing their home. It is a new construction, custom home with over 7400 sq ft. It is a very high end home and they let me run with my ideas. Trusting that I am good at what I do. When I make a presentation they can feel my excitement and in turn they get excited. They love my ideas and respect me as a professional. There is not any talk of budget, just an openness to be creative and watch it become a magazine worthy piece of art. They pay me on time and are extremely fun to work with. They make me love my job even more than I thought was possible.

serenity said...

My ideal client is a social person who loves her family, friends, and other relatives. She wants her home to be warm and welcoming, providing all the comforts and ease she can. SHe values quality and knows it costs more. She appreciates attention to detail, she appreciates my advice and direction and will also give me her imput. She also has a second home, which allows us to be a bit more creative or themed. Again money is not the issue, quality is.

She invites others to meet me and see my work, she talks aobut our relationship as a valued one. SHe does not talk about costs, those things are only her business.

She pays her bills on time, does not question something we have allready agreed upon. She asks my opinion before investing in something that may not work in her home.

This is dedicated to a wonderful client I have been working with and in honor of the ones I will attract next.

Ada said...

Day 2:
I am excited to hear them call and eager to help them especially since they sound like they really need help (lost) and are looking forward to a "new beginning".

First consultation goes great, they are very friendly, sweet, and the place is not clutter, just unmatched (not harmonized).

I am excited & eager to help them. I ALREADY know the perfect lamps for them and the colors that will soothe their soul.

Sabrina said...

My ideal client is a middle class/ upper middle class married woman between the ages of 30 and 50 who owns a home and resides in New Jersey. She is a professional with a thriving career, is financially secure and has disposable income. She consults with her husband on major issues that affect both of them, however, she ultimately makes decisions related to home design projects. She has a sense of what she likes and dislikes, but she is willing to try something different. She loves to entertain to display her home and does not mind providing referrals. Finally, she values my services and trusts my expertise.

TEA said...

Day 2
Today my client calls me and is excited! She said she told her husband that she is ready to get their home decorated and without any hestitation he said to her to GO FOR IT. She calls and wants to know what is my earliest appointment during the day while the kids are at school, so we can spend quality time discussing what type of decor she has in mind during our consultation. She explains that she has pictures from magazines or decor that she has seen, but is open for suggestions. She did explain though that she is not good with colors to create the mood she wants in her home and would definitely need my expertise in that area. They are prepared to purchase new furniture and whatever is necessary to make the home inviting. We agreed on a time for the consultation. With a big smile and an extremely happy and anxious feeling, my mind got busy and scheduled myself to retrieve relevant pictures and information to get my creative juices flowing the following day.

Beth at exciting windows! said...

My ideal client is a young professional, male or female, who trusts my advice to guide them through their project
- makes decisions on their own
- is not a micro manager
- knows their style preferences, but needs the help of a decorator
- recognizes the value in hiring a decorator and the value of putting custom window treatments in their home.
- has no time to shop around

Kristen said...

Day 2. My ideal client...

- truly understands the benefits of hiring an interior designer
- gets excited to see and hear my ideas, really LOVES what I bring to the table
- is so pleased with the results that they talk about it with their friends and I gain new clients
- decides to use me for more projects after they see the wonderful results

I love my job!

Sabrina said...

My ideal client is friendly, personable and very respectful of my profession. She is easygoing and open-minded and trusts my design abilities. We enjoy speaking with one another and when we meet it is a pleasure to work together; there isn't any tension. She acknowledges that I don't work for her, but work with her to bring her idea of a dream home to fruition.

jen bringing design home said...

who is my ideal client? its all about them

She or he is successful at their own business or career
makes a very comfortable living
loves to recommend me to their friends, in fact is my greatest source of business.
is passionate about living well
food music art nature are all important
loves to cook & garden
love to collect art of all kinds
is involved in helping others
believes in assisting artists
is involved in charities for children
wants to invest in my talent to build my brand, and knows all the right people to make it happen
travels all over
is a gourmand
enjoys entertaining
loves beauty
biggest challenge is making all their passions and interest work in their home
needs me and recognizes what I bring to the table
is lively enthusiastic, agreeable & decisive about my contributions
pays promptly and doesnt have money issues
is happy for me to take charge and make it all work.

Ada said...

They have management positions, they want to go home to relax (santuary) and not micromanage the designs/decor.

He/she makes less than $65,000 yr.

Their hobbies are relaxing at home with family & friends.

They don't know what their passion is yet, my comfortable designs will have them relax at home so they can get the inner peace to find their passion.

Their biggest challenges is working hard and not putting themselves 1st. I will help them appreciate themselves.

Anonymous said...

My ideal client is a woman mid 40's has a career she loves and a great marriage.
Has a great sense of humour and can find humour in anything
takes care of herself emotionally and physically
lives life
has a design sense just needs a direction
knows her budget and is open to new ideas
enjoys her home and feels good about its surroundings
has character
is her own person along with being a wife
someone you enjoy spending time with

Adora said...

My ideal client is a financially sound, socially connected, well traveled, interdependent coupled. They want the best for their home, their marriage, as well as, their community. They entertain quite often. They understand and desire the value my skills will bring in enhancing their environment whether it be within their home or in creating lavish not-to-be-missed events for them. They are:
~in their 40s-60s
~patient and kind,
~generous and timely,
~undeniably enthusiastic.

Trish said...

My ideal client would be in their late 30's-40's. Be financially secure. They just bought their dream home. She has 2 children, and is CEO of a well known corporation. Her husband runs his own business. They have a part-time nanny to help with the children. They also love to entertain and travel. Because of their hectic schedule, they have put their trust in me to help create their "sanctuary". She has always enjoyed decorating as a hobby, so has some ideas of what she likes and doesn't like, but doesn't have the time or the resources. Her husband just wants their home to be comfortable, and not stuffy.

Andi said...

My ideal client has her own business or telecommutes. She makes $60K or above. In her spare times she likes to read, exercise and travel. She is passionate about her family and making her home her retreat. Her biggest challenges are finding the time to shop for window coverings, she is not a confident designer and seeks help in selecting the right fabrics.

I want to work with this client because she is a lot like me, I dream we have a lot in common. I find it very comforting meeting other women who are like me. I like to feel like I can help people make decorating decisions, not just execute a project that they already planned out. I like the notion of having a decisive client because is makes the sales process go smoother and it is less pressure when you know where they stand.

Ada said...

Day 4: Why do I want to work with this "Dream Client"?

I want to work with this client bec. he/she has worked too hard for too long helping others and not attending to themselves; I want to help remind them that they deserve to treat themselves GREAT; they are very considerate and appreciative of everything I do; they look forward with excitement to see my designs and the final transformation and tell everyone about the great job I did to help their rooms and them personaly - reminding them that they deserve to live in comfort & style; my ideal client will have the peace on mind with the new rooms so they can concentrate/find/pursue their purpose in life; sends me holiday cards keeping in touch; fwds my ezine with delight to everyone they meet.

Bottom line - they respect & appreciate me.

Susan Smith, Rooms That Work said...

My ideal client is a risk taker, open-minded, appreciates art, busy/productive, likes to laugh, and knows how to write a check. ;)

deb the practical decorator said...

My ideal client is also a middle aged professional work at home single man.He has impeccable taste. He wants a modern twist on traditional and has an unlimited budget.
His house is in an upscale neighborhood and every room needs decorating. All the finishes need choosing as well as all furniture, accessories, rugs, window treatments and artwork.
My job is to scope out the right furniture and then bring him shopping with me to sit on each piece and to ok each fabric choice. We have lunches together to finalize and celebrate his purchases.
this man is easy going, loves the finer things in life and has no problem writing the checks. He is fun to work with and trusts the process

Sabrina said...

My ideal client is either an established, successful entrepreneur or holds a middle/upper management position in the corporate sector. She independently earns an income in excess of $150,000. As leisure time is rare, she enjoys it by frequenting spas and health clubs. She dines with friends at high-end restaurants focusing on various cuisines. Their biggest challenges are the lack of time and creativity to make their space beautiful and cohesive.

Kristen said...

My ideal client...

- makes over $75,000 a year
- is a complete joy to work with
- appreciates details
- becomes a friend, not just a client
- wants their home to have an absolute "wow" factor
- has children
- becomes a repeat client
- values our relationship
- is kind, appreciative and fun

pat--the drapery diva! said...

My ideal client
1. Is a semi retired business person
2. They are in the multimillion dollar income bracket
3. They love to come to Florida to relax
4. They travel and are passionate about incorporating their exotic collections into their home
5. Their biggest challenge is which home to decorate first

TzM said...

My ideal client is a middle aged woman/man who is married with children, or living with a life long partner. My client is a happy, successful person who respects my ability to design a living space which is in sync with her/his needs and personality. My client will not be afraid to make decisions which are "out of the box" (on occasion.) My client will trust that when I take them out of their comfort zone, I am leading them to a place where I know they can go based on my relationship with them and my understanding of who they are. They will see the design experience as an adventure and an opportunity to grow rather then a fear-laden trip. They will pay their bills on time and they will appreciate the value of my work.

jen bringing home design said...

Why do I want to work with this client?
they make me feel happy, energized,fulfilled.
I am giving someone something they want, need and absolutely love.
They are giving me the opportunity to really break open the box, I can create the space of their dreams.
In the end we both win - I get to create & get paid for it -they get to enjoy the end result; live with the things they love in the right way. Its magical.

Ada said...

Day 5:

I feel happy & unique that the client saw my interview and website and fell in love with my style, and she/he expressed how grateful they are that they found someone that could help them get STYLE with WOW using a moderate budget. I feel eager to help the client who just moved into a new home & wants to decorate with practically all new furniture ... to start a new chapter in his/her life and who has the confidence that "I" am the one to help them.

Sabrina said...

I want to work with the client I've described because of the following reasons:
- my job will be more enjoyable -- client is friendly and personable
- my creativity will be challenged and I will be allowed to think out-of-the-box
- referrals would be imminent because the finished product will be unique and amazing
- very little financial constraints exist

Kristen said...

Why do I want to work with this client?

My true joy comes from knowing that I helped someone create a space that they LOVE to come home to. I want to work with this client because I truly believe that the environment you put yourself in directly affects how you feel. I want to work with this client to make them feel good and happy... everyone deserves that!!!

pat-the drapery diva! said...

I want to work with this client because
1. they are comfortable with working with designers
2. they make decisions easily
3. their space is as interesting as they are, making my designs a challenge, but satisfying
4. they love fabrics and have the income to buy the best
5. they provide an opportunity to design something really beautiful without budget restrictions
6. they have alot of enthusiasm
7. they are proud to give referrals

Deb the practical decorator said...

I love working with my ideal clients because they are as much friends as clients.
They don't take forever to choose their fabrics and paints. They don't whine or complain, we have fun together and enjoy each others company especially on shopping trips when we are together all day.
When they refer me, the people they refer me to are always high end and don't have a problem with the custom prices.
I am asking the universe to open up now and release these potential clients to me~ I am open and ready give of myself and my creative talents and ready to receive the professional friendships and abundance of these wonderful new clients! SO BE IT

Ada said...

My idea client is READY (physically, emotionally, and finacially) for a change ... a new beginning and needs my help. He/she becomes so happy seeing that what I recommend is what he/she dreamed of, overall my designs are HOME LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION experiences for them ... new furniture, new wall colors, new start .... new feelings of comfort, proudness, and joy. They eagerly provide me with great references including pictures of rooms they transformed with my guidance so I can upload them onto my webpage - they provide me with pictures bec. they are proud of the accomplishments that they achieved with my guidance and inspiration. They throw dinner parties where I am the "talk of the day" bec. they are so happy the way the rooms look. My potential clients are happily willing to wait to meet me for consultations. Oooh, I am getting a lump in my throat .. "feeling" the joy I wish upon my clients (that they deserve and CAN live in beauty and comfort at home and within themselves no matter what their financial situation is !!!)

adora said...

Day 2

My ideal client considers me a valued partner. Whether the focus is creating a warm and comfortable environment, or staging an intimate gathering in their home for a group of ten, or managing the detailed negotiations for a charity gala, they turn to me assured of a successful outcome. We share a strong partnership. Trust is at its core.

jen bringing design home said...

My feelings after getting a call from my ideal client:
the sun is shinning on me, A fabulous new client who wants her home uncluttered, colored & transformed.
For me to bring life and light in - YES! this feels grand. my life is brilliant. I open my heart and soul to this moment - a complete awakening the sweet joy of it all, music is playing nature is humming the angels are singing. I feel terrific.

Eileen said...

My ideal client is a high end designer.
She loves to be creative and loves to collaborate with me to "tweak" her ideas.
She is considerate of my time and gives me all the information that I need.
She leaves the details to me.
Her orders are not "need it yesterday" ones. She is respectful of the time that it takes for custom work.
She pays promptly, or better yet, has me bill the customer direct.
She is always pushing me to come up with new ideas and creative solutions.
We also personally get along as friends.

Sabrina said...

When my ideal client contacts me, I am elated. She wants me to create a unique space for her that is not comparable to anything I have ever done. She does not have unrealistic time expectations and realizes that creativity takes time. She also does not have an unrealistic budget. She understands that uniqueness can be costly.

Ada said...

This exercise reminded me what is really important - why I became an interior designer. Sometimes life gets a bit hectic and we lose sight of what we hold dear.

TEA said...

I am so excited!!!! it works, it works,it works, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, BRINGS POSITIVE RESULTS. I have gotten not only 1 consult but 2, and guess what, they are both from the ideal client I had in mind; I have arranged appointments and extremely excited. THANKS NIKA for inviting me to link up with all these wonderful fellow designers to share positive engery. Thank God for wonderful and sharing personalities.

Kerr said...

I have been think ing about this law of attraction. How perfect it is that I found my way here.
My client is 35-55 yrs. male or female. They are both from affluent or old money famiies.
They have a refined sense of style yet are not above a playful snub of what might be expected by others. When budget becomes the topic, sensible purchases reign.He or she will ask for one or two truly fab irreplacable things and a desire for durable classic peices within a certain amount. My client will not be of the "sky is the limit" sort.

Kerr said...

I forgot to add how lovely I look to myself while with this dream client and open to recieving this thing I desire, asked for, and deserve!!!


Just wanted to post to say that I am watching all these little miracles happen, and I am so delighted! I am feeling all of your positive energy.

Remember to visualize and imagine the FEELINGS you get from working with this ideal client. Stay with those feelings for a few minutes. Then post your thoughts.

To your success!

Kristen said...

Everyone keeps saying how bad the market is. I have never been busier! I am feeling great! In fact, I have been bad at posting this week because of busy days and late nights. I just spent some time really feeling new clients coming to me and how a wonderful relationship develops so that they refer me to their friends. I am so pleased and grateful to be surrounded by positive people I can't express it in words! I used the law of attraction to sign my newest client and it really is the perfect job! I am sending energy out to everyone! Isn't it wonderful to help people create spaces that they LOVE to spend time in? I can't think of a better career.

adora said...

Day three . . .

My ideal client remembers to refer me to friends and associates. They never hesitate to give credit to their designer when they receive a complimented on their home, office, or an event they have sponsored. So confident are they in my abilities, they give decor consultations with me as gifts to those they cherish.

adora said...

Day 4

My ideal client views challenges as opportunities for change. Neither anger, nor disgruntled communication, nor hidden resentment has any place in our partnership. Challenge are identified. Options are discussed. Once the choice is made, the resolution is implemented and we move on. Respect and trust deepens as we collaborate to tackle the challenges.

adora said...

Day Five

My ideal client promotes my services at every appropriate opportunity. Whether it's raffling gift certificates at fundraisers, or having me speak at women's or church conferences, they use their circle of influence to increase awareness of my gifts and talents.

Marjorie Allen said...

My ideal client owns / operates a small to medium sized hotel.
He or she has a successful operation which they desire to remain fresh, stylish and a cut above the rest.
He / she has a large budget set aside for redesign or redecotarting, has impeccable taste and an appreciation of quality interior design and is prepared to do what it takes to achieve a beautiful end-product.

Adora said...

Day Six

My ideal client moves from consultation to implementation without delay. Their excitement for transformation is contagious. They are inspired by the fullness of the details I bring to the project. Together we celebrate the changes as they unfold.

PamDec said...

My ideal client....(in no particular order)
- has a large home in Monmouth County
- has an income of more than $750,000 annually
- is between 45 - 62 years old
- has no trouble spending money
- pays my invoices on time
- is easy going & generally happy
- is decisive and enjoys the design process
- wants to be involved and expect to have to do some of the legwork
- appreciates quality design choices
- understands that it takes time to achieve best results
- allows me ample time to develop the perfect ideas for the space
- isn't afraid to take a risk
- trusts my decisions
- is not anal
- has good taste
- thinks of design as an investment in the property
- wants the best of everything
- has their own artwork
- appreciates old things, but likes to mix in some contemporary elements
-can meet with me M-F between 10 and 4
- has scheduled our appointment so there'll be no distractions
- makes decisions quickly
- doesn't like a cluttered look
- is clear in communicating their ideas, styles, colors, etc
- has enough self confidence not to second guess themselves
- doesn't really care what their mother, sister, brother-in-law, friends, etc think of the design of their space
- LOVES color, fabrics, window treatments & beautiful furniture
- has a "starting" item to begin the process
- has a 2nd, or even a 3rd home that also requires my attention
- contributes to their community and respects the time I give to mine
- refers me to friends/family that are also wonderful to work with
- is visually excited, pleased, and happy with the results of our collaboration
- sends me a thoughtful note at completion of project

Adora said...

Day Seven

My ideal client is seeking me at this very moment. They will consider our meeting serendipitious. At this very moment perhaps they just happened upon my website; perhaps they just overheard someone speaking with great satisfaction about my serivces. However it is happening, they will be delighted when we connect and so will I. We will "click" at the very first meeting. There will be an unspoken inherent acknowledgement this partnership was meant to be.

pamdec said...

Day 2 musings on my ideal client:
- has an open and bright space with lots of windows
- is well educated
- has small pets
- has older children
- wants their home to make a statement about them (not me)
- agrees with my design principal; make a room function, then make it beautiful

pamdec said...

Day 3 musings on my ideal client:
- they can't wait to see some of the exotic wallpapers I sell
- they love traditional furniture with a modern twist (Barbara Barry)
- they need and want me to educate them about the design process and all the things that are out there for them
- they prefer working with the "owner"
- they indulge themselves when it comes to their home
- they have a business where my attention is also needed

pamdec said...

Day 4 musings on my ideal client:
- my client is a very creative person who has a good sense of color
- my client is relieved to have me take over a job that seems overwhelming to them & gives me free reign over the design
- my client wathces HGTV and is impressed by the work of Candice Olsen

pamdec said...

Day 5 musings on the ideal client:
- the client values "expertise"
- the client offers me a cup of tea when we meet
- the client allows a few minutes at the beginning of our first meeting to get to know one another
- the client has visited my web site & seen my on-line portfolio
- at the end of our first meeting the client says "let's get started" & I collect a retainer for what will be a large & profitable job

Anonymous said...

My ideal client will understand the benifits of design and appreciate its purpose. She will not faint when I suggest that it is possible to spend 25k on one room. She will appreciate quality and craftsmenship and be willing to invest in it.

Diane said...

My ideal client is a European woman or couple, that has just purchased second house of new construction within 25 minutes of my studio. She has a sense of style and color, but is looking for someone to pull it all together. She is trusting of my professional judgement,and appreciates and can afford the finer things in life. She knows what she likes and will make decisions quickly.

Anonymous said...

My ideal client is female, 30 - 50, is smart, successful in her professional pursuits (that includes if her profession is being a SAHM).

She is social and enjoys the arts, is married and has the income to improve her home. She knows what she likes, but wants my expertise to guide/show her how to best decorate her home.

She likes combining existing items and treasures with new pieces. she wants to create a unique home, not a cookie cutter showroom.

She has children and believes she can and should have a stylish home, even with kids and/or pets.

She is not in a rush to complete her home, but is willing to take her time to let the plans unfold and to find the right pieces to work for her lifestyle and budget.

She likes quality items, but will also shop at discount stores -- her purchases are based on what she likes, not where the products come from.

She is easy to talk to, open to change and respects my time and expertise.

Her home is a place where everyone can really live, can put their feet up and relax. She is inspired by her life and heart, not by what others think and do in their homes.

She is willing to try something different or new to her, but will not say yes to anything she really doesn't like. My ideal client considers our relationship a two way street.

Lori said...

My ideal client apprecates what an interior designer has to offer, has plenty of disposable income, lives a healthy life style and wants their home and workspace to reflect that healthy lifestyle. They have an appriecation for the finer thing in life, but are unpretentous. What more could one want from a client!

Design Diva said...

My ideal client is a busy professional woman who probably has more money than time! She lives in an upscale neighborhood and appreciates having a beautiful home. She is kind hearted, has a good sense of humor, is trusting and has good taste.

Anonymous said...

gg designer - My ideal client understands the need for my services, she or he needs the advice of an expert.A large project that will require research, and vision. When this client meets me they will sense the talent and gift of design in me. Money will not be an issue, the funds are there for the project to be done right.

Mary Beth Haggerty said...

My ideal client is the vp of marketing, architect or construction project team for a property management or develpoement corporation who is smart, saavy and knows that it takes an expert in design to create beautiful interiors for their properties or developements. They have confidence in my abilities in the design process to help them create dynamic interiors to communicate a certain lifestyle to their potential homeowner so they in turn can sell their properties. They love color, design, watch trends, like to have some fun in the process, collaborate on ideas and leave the implemntation to me and my firm. They have carte blanche on setting the budget.

ISD said...

My ideal client.... appreciates my talent, expertise, knowledge, and skill; has a desire and acts sustainably, with future generations and immediate company in mind; understands and trusts my judgment and those I do business with; has the ability and budget to complete the project and to do it right; lives anywhere in the world they're willing to fly me to.

ISD said...

My ideal client is.... open mined and willing to explore new ideas; with or without vision for his/her project, he/she has the ability to articulate design concepts; keeps tear outs of things he/she has seen and likes; demonstrates a worldly attitude and appreciates different cultures.