January 20, 2008

Dealing with the Competition

Do other designers brag about how great they are doing? Does it bother you?

I was recently talking with one of my private coaching clients, and she wondered how to deal with other local designers talking about their incredible clients and big projects. She feels insecure because she is newer in the industry and doesn't have so many large jobs yet.

She isn't sure how to respond to these designers. Plus, it makes her feel bad because she's thinking that everyone else is doing better than she is.

This reminds me of something my husband says:

Men with really tiny ____s always brag about everything -their cars, their homes, their money. The ones who feel comfortable with themselves don't need to.

My advice: The women who are doing the bragging would actually be envious of YOU if you smile and congratulate them, and know in your own heart that you are doing what you love, and there is more than enough business out there for everyone. The right clients will be attracted to you. Just get clear on what you are most passionate about, and let the world know.

To your success,

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