July 06, 2007

Using Testimonials to Get More Clients

by:Nika Stewart
Testimonials can increase your business dramatically. But they need to be done correctly for them to be really effective. Here are some tips:

Testimonials should be "results oriented." Which testimonial is more enticing? "Jane was really good to work with."or"Jane saved us over $800 on our furniture, and she always called us back within a few hours, even when she was on vacation! What a delight to work with." Make sure your testimonials include specific results gained from using your services.

Use your client's full name and a photo, if possible. Don't you hate when you see testimonials like:"I loved working with ABC Decor. They are the best!" JP, California.Who is this JP? Does she really exist? Using a full name, town, and photo lends credibility to your testimonial. If you can take a photo of your client smiling in front of your work - even better!

Sprinkle testimonials throughout your site. Many times I see websites that have a separate page for testimonials. But a lot of visitors to your site won't spend time going to this page. (It's just not as important to them as we would like to think.) Spread your words of praise throughout your entire site. This forces visitors to read them as they look through your photos and services.

Ask for testimonials! If you're not getting as many unsolicited testimonials as you would like, don't be afraid to ask your clients. Help them out by asking specific questions, like: Did you appreciate the extra details I added? Were you happy with the personal service I gave you? Most clients will be happy to help you with some kind words, but they don't think of writing them down on their own.

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